Tom's Top Priorities

National Security

From Border security to protecting American citizens on a daily basis is of utmost importance. We must stop illegal immigrants from crossing our borders by providing tools and increasing resources to the Department of Homeland Security and our local law enforcement agencies.


The opioid crisis in America is real. I will fight for strict laws placing dealers behind bars. I will also fight to penalize human traffickers with life sentences in prison.

Above all, I will fight to protect every law abiding citizen, before criminals.



The strength of our American economy is crucial to our success. We must reduce unemployment, put more people to work and build upon President Trump's American growth. I will work hard to increase job development and reduce the need for welfare, put jobs in America first, streamline tax requirements to increase jobs, and reduce and end the regulation burdens to increase business opportunities.


Education regulations need to work. Common Core needs to end. Parents need to be provided with real choices of education for their children-allowing charter schools and increasing vouchers. I will fight to increase competition of schools so that the best schools are enhanced and those that are failing will be fixed.

Veterans & Military

As a Veteran myself, I understand the struggles and stigma of coming home from war. Vets are heroes, yet for some finding a job and simple daily tasks are a struggle. I will fight to increase federal programming to help veterans get back to work, find affordable housing, increase mental health services, and live a great life in this great Country that they fought for.

The strength of our Country rests in the hands of our strong military operations. We must increase our forces with more resources and better equipment, improved bases, ships, and jets. I am committed to making significant increases in funding for our Armed Forces.


We must fight for our Service men and women and for our Veterans, as they fought for our freedom!