Affiliations & Memberships

Veteran, United States Army Reserve 1987-1995

Union Member, BAC Local 1 NY, 35 years 1984-Present

National Police and Veterans Association

NYS Veterans Association

Veterans for NY

American Legion

Conservative/Republican Alliance

President, MAGA Queens (America First Patriots)

Moderator, Bikers for Trump NY

Director, American Family Project NY

Joint Parish Respect Life Committee


Long Island Coalition For Life

Chinese-Americans for Trump

Maspeth Unsilenced

TFP-Tradition, Family and Property

Bikers for Life

The Bridge to Life

Catholics for Life Long Island

March for Life (National)

Gods Precious Infants, NYC

St. Josaphat's Right to Life Committee

Bronx High School of Science Parent Association

National Rifle Association

Oath Keepers, NY

New Horizon Women's Center, Jamaica NY

40 Days for Life

Judicial Watch

Heritage Foundation

Liberty University